Headteacher: Ms Veronica Held



“A large majority of pupils make progress at nationally expected levels. The rate of progress has improved year on year since the previous inspection.”



“Teachers and other adults know their pupils and their individual learning needs very well. This enables them to adapt activities successfully for each pupil.”


We are Blanche Nevile School, where every child is at the centre of our philosophy to create a safe, positive and effective learning environment.


We have high expectations of children’s social, emotional and academic development. We believe that effective communication, praise, celebration of success and quality teaching and learning will enable each individual to reach their full potential.

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On Thursday 13th November 2014 Blanche Nevile held an Open Day for Professionals. The day was a great success and we received some fantastic feedback from our visitors. They all think our school is a great place for our children. Here are a few of the wonderful comments:

“I very much enjoyed being able to get a taster of the lessons to see how the children access the learning with very talented staff”

“It was amazing to see the strong relationship all of the children had with the staff. It was evident that emotional wellbeing is a value that is held throughout the school”

“Very informative, friendly and open. Well–organised”

“Very informative to learn about how the Speech and Language Team work collaboratively throughout the school”

“I enjoyed hearing the students speak to us at the panel session”

“It really did give an overview of how you are providing an approach based on the deaf child’s needs”

“The day was really useful giving us an insight into how the school runs and the school ethos”

“Really useful to see how bilingual education works in practical terms and how lessons are planned to meet individual children’s needs”

“Great to see such a positive learning environment.  Impressed to see how confident the children were”

“Very welcoming from the pupils as well as all the staff.  A shining example of how giving the children the opportunity to learn and develop BSL/speech or both can open a world of communicative possibility”

“This was a fantastic whistle stop tour of the school. What a fantastic school!”

A big thank you to our visitors who took part in such a special day. We all feel immense pride in our school.