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Teaching and Learning Committee

Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Policy

AEN Policy 2019

Additional Education Needs Policy

Admissions Policy

Assessment Policy

British Sign Language Policy

Careers Policy

Collective Worship Policy 2019

Curriculum Policy 2019

EYFS Policy 2019

Health and Safety Policy

Homework Policy 2019

IV Strategy Policy

Language and Communication Policy

Marking Policy Primary 2019

Marking Policy (Secondary)

Monitoring, Evaluation and Review Policy

Pupil Premium Policy

RSE Primary Policy 2019

RSE Secondary Policy 2019

School visits by governors policy + guidance notes

SRE Policy (Primary)

SRE Policy (Secondary)

Staff Health and Wellbeing

Target Setting Policy 2019

Teaching and Learning Policy 2019

TOR Teaching and Learning

Whole School Inclusion Policy

Work Experience and Work-Related learning Policy

Safeguarding Committee

Allegations of Abuse Policy 2019

Anti Bullying Policy June 2020

Attendance and Absence Policy June 2020

Behaviour Policy (Primary)

Behaviour Secondary (Primary)

Blanche Nevile Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Procedures Autumn 2020

CCTV Policy

Control and Restraint Policy 2019

Electronic Information Policy

E-Safety Policy

Exclusions Policy June 2020

First Aid and Illness at School June 2020

Freedom of Information Policy

GDPR – Model Policy from Haringey

GDPR School Workforce Policy

GDPR Pupil and Parent Policy Primary

GDPR Pupil and Parent Policy Secondary

GDPR Questions – June 2018

Data Protection Officer details

Privacy Notice for Pupils and Parents

Information Security Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Lock Down Policy 27.01.2020

Lockdown Policy and Procedure Secondary

Lockdown Procedures

Lunchtime Supervision Policy

Lunchtime Policy

Medicine Policy

Pupil Attendance Policy

Single Equality Scheme Policy

Social Media Policy

ToR Safeguarding Committee 2018

TOR Safeguarding

Resources Committee

Business Continuity Policy June 2020

Charging and Remission Policy 2019

Complaints Policy

Critical Incident Plan June 2020

Data Breach Policy

Data Protection Policy

Data Retention Policy

Debit Card Policy

Disposal of Assets Policy June 2020

Emergency Response June 2020

Fire Emergency Policy

Fire Emergency Policy Secondary

Haringey Equality and Diversity in Employment Policy

Haringey Family Friendly Policy

Haringey Model Recruitment Policy

Haringey Pay Policy June 2020

Haringey Teacher Appraisal Policy

Haringey Whistleblowing Policy June 2020

Internal Scheme of Delegation 2019

Inventory Policy

Lone Worker Policy June 2020

Minibus Policy June 2020

Model School Data Protection Policy

School Visits by Governors Policy

Staff Health and Safety Policy

ToR Pay Committee 2018


ToR Resources Committee 2018

TOR Resources

Virtual Governance Policy


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